This Years Best Mickey Mouse Backpacks For Toddlers

Mickey Mouse Say Cheese Toddler BackpackTake some of the fright out of your toddler or little child’s first day at school or kindergarten by helping them start their schooling adventure with a backpack featuring their friend, Mickey Mouse. These 10 and 12 inch backpacks feature bright and bold designs of Mickey and some of his friends, while each bag is constructed from sturdy materials, specially selected for their easy cleaning properties. With side pockets and generous main compartments, these 5 selected bags are this years best Mickey Mouse backpacks to help kickstart the school year.

For even more Mickey Mouse kids backpacks, enjoy this collection of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse backpacks featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and more.

Mickey Mouse “Say Cheese” 10 Inch Toddler Backpack

With a dazzling large image of Mickey surrounded by some of his most famous sayings such as “Gosh” and “Oh My”, the Say Cheese Mickey Mouse backpack is full of style and charm. This mini backpack measures 10″ x 9″ x 4.5″, which means it has the ideal dimensions for kids aged 3 to 6 years old. Beyond the vibrant blue and red color scheme and large image of Mickey Mouse, this officially licensed backpack includes twin side pockets, an additional zippered pocket on the bags front and adjustable shoulder straps. This bag is manufactured from quality material and is easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, which will have this bag looking great for years to come.

mickey mouse toddler backpack

Disney Mickey & Friends Small Backpack

Disney Mickey and Friends Small BackpackYour child will be the hit of the school yard with the Disney Mickey and Friends kids backpack featuring Donald Duck and Goofy. This stunning red and black school bag not only features three of Walt Disney’s most popular characters, but the bag also displays multiple Mickey Mouse heads on the black background with the front pocket designed to look like Mickey’s iconic pants, complete with matching white buttons. The main compartment is double zippered for extra security, and the school bag incorporates 3 addition pockets, two on the sides and one on the front. This 12 inch Mickey backpack comes complete with adjustable shoulder straps that are padded for comfort and support.

mickey donald goofy school bag

Mickey Mouse M Factor 10 inch School Bag

Mickey Mouse M Factor 12 inch School Bag

Mickey is showing he “Can-Do” spirit your child will need to succeed at school in this Mickey Mouse “M Factor” school bag. This backpack is 10″ high by 9.5″ wide and 4″ deep making it large enough to carry the daily needs of your child without forcing them to carry a bag that is too large for their growing body. This blue and red school bag features a large image of Mickey on a blue background, with red front and side pockets that add a delightful contrast. This bag is easy to clean thanks to its durable polyester material construction and will fit your child perfectly thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps.

mickey mouse school bag

Disney Mickey Mouse Playhouse Kids Backpack

Disney Mickey Mouse Playhouse Kids BackpackCombine the fun and excitement of Disney Playhouse with the adventure of going to school, kindergarten or day care for the first time with this Mickey Mouse Playhouse toddler backpack. Your child will be greeted by Mickey’s massive smile every morning as they grab their bag before heading off to learn the wonders of the world. This predominately blue colored backpack measures 12″ x 10″ x 4″ and includes a generous front zippered pocket with 2 Velcro closed pockets on the sides.

mickey mouse kids backpack

Funny Things 12 Inch Disney Mickey Mouse School Backpack

Funny Things 12 Inch Disney Mickey Mouse School BackpackYour child will be able to carry all of their day to day schooling items in comfort with the “Funny Things” 12 inch Mickey Mouse backpack from Disney. With its bright and vibrant red coloring, this bag will look as good as the day your local Fed Ex delivery man dropped it at your door with its easy clean construction and with a pair of side pockets and extra large main compartment, this 12″ x 9 1/2″ x 4″ school backpack will meet the schooling needs of your child. The zips on this bag feature the Disney Logo which helps to give this licensed backpack a stylish look and feel.

mickey mouse red school bag

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