My Little Pony Toddler Backpack

my little pony toddler backpackWith their colorful bodies and manes, cute personalities and adorable toys, it is easy to see why millions of little girls around the world fell in love with the My Little Pony television series in the 1980’s and 90’s. The series has found a whole new legion of fans since its relaunch in 2003, with the ponies, horses and unicorns from My Little Pony being as popular now with toddlers and small children as at any time in its 25 year history. These 5 backpacks, school bags and lunch boxes have been carefully designed with young children in mind, with large images, bright colors and smaller sizes ideally suited to younger children who are just starting school.

Quite possibly the cutest girls backpack ever created, the Daisy May My Little Pony backpack will help make your little angel the most adorable child entering the school yard. This bag may look petite, but you can be sure this bag will withstand years of spirited use thanks to its heavy polyester canvas construction. The design of this school bag features a yellow floral pattern surrounding Daisy May, but undoubtedly the feature that makes this bag stand out from the crowd is the “real” tail, in a bright purple color.  This backpack consists of two large compartments for your child’s books and games, two extra side pockets and a webbed strap to allow for easy hanging from a hook and coat rack.

Covering all of the colors of the rainbow and featuring three of the most popular pony’s from the acclaimed children’s cartoon, the My Little Pony Light-Up Backpack is the perfect school bag for little girl’s aged 6 to 10 years of age. Measuring 15″ x 12″ x 5″, this backpack will ensure that your child can safely carry all of their day to day school items each day in comfort thanks to the bags padded and adjustable straps.  This bag incorporates a motion sensor which detects movements which activates the My Little Pony’s school bags distinctive lights.

This delightful extra small My Little Pony backpack is ideally suited for toddlers and smaller children who are making the transition from day care or kindergarten to full-time schooling. Measuring a petite 10″ x 8″, this bag is manufactured in an adorable purple and lilac color and features an image of a purple pony standing in front of a full rainbow with images of clouds and kites printed on the bags front zippered pocket.


Your child will be rearing for the new school year to start with this pink and purple My Little Pony backpack for toddlers and small children. Measuring 11″ x 9″ x 4″, this bag is the perfect size for children while they enjoy their first couple of years of schooling. This backpack features a large image of 3 My Little Pony’s posing playfully, with the bottom portion of the bag featuring a bold lavender border which provides an interesting contrast to the pastel colors used in the rest of the bag.

You won’t have to worry about your child’s lunch being ruined while sitting in their bag at school, kindergarten or day care with this gorgeous My Little Pony lunch box with a pink tail. Constructed from purple nylon fabric, this lunch bag features a carry handle at the top for easy handling, a large image of a popular My Little Pony horse and of course, the distinctive tail. Measuring 9.25″ x 9.25″ at its widest points and 3.75″ deep, this bag is large enough to accommodate a hearty lunch and morning tea for most small children.

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