Sesame Street Backpacks

Elmo Learn ABC 123 12 Inch BackpackIt’s a special time in every child’s life as they start to make the transition to preschool, kindergarten or even their very first day of grade one. Help your child with this important step to independence with one of these officially licensed Elmo backpacks from Sesame Street, all of which are 12″ high, ideal for toddlers aged 3 to 6 years. Combining the best of both worlds by being small enough for a small child to carry and manage while still containing enough space and additional pockets to be practical as an everyday bag to go to school or for a trip to visit the grandparents, these bright and colorful bags will be loved by any little Elmo fan.

Elmo Learns ABC 123 12 Inch Toddler Backpack

If your child or loved one is a fan of Elmo they are guaranteed to fall instantly in love with this “Elmo Learns ABC 123” 12 inch backpack, just the right size for a 3 to 6 year old. Your child will be attracted by the bright and vibrant blue and red color scheme and the large image of Elmo displayed prominently while you will appreciate the large main pocked, small front zipper pocket to help organize smaller items and a side mesh pocket, ideal for a drink or water bottle.  The large zipper and attractive front pocket will encourage your child to interact with this bag, making it more likely that they will want to use it whenever possible.

Cute Elmo 12 Inch School Toddler Backpack

Cute Elmo Toddler BackpackYour child will be instantly identifiable with the large 3D like face of Elmo on this school backpack. At 12 inches, it is the perfect size for most toddlers, being small enough for them to manage on their own while still being large enough to be practical. This school bag is distinctive with its colorful print of the world’s most popular little Sesame Street monster and features a mesh sized pocket for a drink bottle, a large main pocket and a smaller front zipper pocket to help your child keep their precious belongings organized. This bag will appeal to all toddler aged children with its vivid blue and red colors and Elmo printed boldly in different styles and colors.

Elmo Count With Me 12 Inch School Backpack

Elmo Count With Me Toddler School BackpackThis adorable “123 Count With Me” Elmo backpack is conveniently designed for children aged 3 to 6 years. Measuring 12″ x 10″ x 3″, this officially licensed Sesame Street bag is the perfect size for your young child to store and carry their favorite books, games and other items to pre-school, kindergarten or to visit family members. The spacious main compartment is ideal to carry books, artwork and their lunchbox, while the large front pocket and two smaller side pockets will allow your child to organize and store their favorite items. With adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort and support, this is a terrific Elmo bag that will prove a hit with toddlers.

Elmo Zip Me School Book Bag

Elmo Zip Me School Book BagYour child will be all set for their first day of school with this 12″ “Zip Me Up” Elmo school backpack. Featuring a large central compartment with an additional two front zippered compartments to assist in storage and organization, this bag also includes a complimentary drink bottle and two mesh side pockets for additional storage. Largely sky blue in color and with the smaller of the compartments containing a large image of Elmo waving, this backpack is the perfect bag for the large toddler as they make the transition from preschool to first grade.

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Elmo Loves School 10 inch Toddler BackpackPerfect for even the smallest 3, 4 or 5 year old, these 10″ Elmo backpacks are small and light enough for your adorable child to manage by themselves while still being large enough to accommodate their toys, books or activities. Each backpack features the ever popular Elmo from Sesame Street in bright, vivid colors that will encourage your child to take ownership of their bag and help them towards independence.

Elmo Loves School 10″ Toddler Back Pack

Your child or loved one is sure to fall in love instantly with this Elmo Loves School 10″ backpack. Officially licensed through Sesame Street, this toddler sized bag features a large image of Elmo, with the words “Elmo Loves School” and “ABC 123” emblazoned in bright colors on the front facing side of the bag. Measuring 10 x 8.5 inches, this bag is perfect to pack clothes for an overnight stay at grandmas or to fill with coloring books and pencils to take on your next family outing.

Elmo Time To Learn 10″ Backpack/School Bag

Elmo Time To Learn 10 inch BackpackMeasuring 10″ x 8″ x 3″, this Elmo Time To Learn toddler schoolbag is a fun way to introduce your child to the responsibility of managing their very own backpack. Made to last from durable PVC, this backpack is easy to clean and will withstand spirited use from your child. An officially licensed product, this Elmo bag features numbers, a clock and the words “Time To Learn” plus a large image of the world’s most famous Sesame Street character.

Elmo Coloring Is Fun 10″ Toddler Backpack

Elmo Coloring Is Fun 10 inch toddler backpackColoring is a great way for your child to learn artistic and co-ordination skills and with this Sesame Street Elmo Coloring Is Fun 10 inch backpack, your child will have all the room they need to carry their coloring books, pencils and accessories. Whether it’s to Kindergarten, their friends house or the family vacation, this 10″ x 9″ x 3″ bag features 2 zipper compartments to help your child organize their items and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure maximum comfort.

Elmo Sesame Street 3D 11 Inch Toddler Backpack/Schoolbag

Elmo Sesame St 3d 11 inch BackpackManufactured in Elmo’s famous red and blue color scheme, this Elmo 3D 11 Inch Toddler Backpack is officially licensed and features a partially holographic 3D like image of Elmo. With a single zippered compartment and adjustable shoulder strap, this bag is simple but effective and at 11 inches, allows a little more room without graduating all the way to 12″ bags. The is a great backpack for the preschool aged child and because it features Elmo, any child lucky enough to receive this bag is likely to want to use it at every opportunity.

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